Blog: 2014

August 2014 - NEW COURSE DATES

New course dates have been added to the fall training schedule. Register now to confirm your slot.

Upcoming Courses

August - 2014

For those of you still wanting to take a Pistol or Carbine series course, we will be adding the last of the new course additions (dates) in the next 2 weeks. Check the training schedule often, we will post information here and on our Facebook page when new dates are available.  

We expect roughly 2 more classes per weapon system. As always, if there are any questions or you are interested in hosting a Shooter School course, contact us directly. 

Stay safe, and thanks for your business.

Additional Class Dates

We'll be adding a few more classes to the summer schedule. We recommend registering as soon as possible, the month of September is nearly completely booked. If you have a question about a class and don't see an upcoming date, please e-mail us. We may have additional dates available that are reserved for private groups and/or haven't been posted.

More Classes?

We'll be looking to add a few additional courses to our training calendar for the summer months. We strongly recommend not waiting if you're interested in a class. It's looking like September is going to be booked solid, and we'll only be able to get a handful of addititional course dates added. Don't wait, register now!

Host a Shooter School course

Can't get to Central Illinois for a course, and/or you're interested in hosting a Shooter School course? Whether civilian or law enforcement, most Shooter School courses can be brought to your location. We are actively seeking agencies and/or individuals interested in sponsoring a course. 


Contact Shooter School for additional details and scheduling.


Course Reviews / Testimonials

Be sure to check out recent course reviews on the testimonial page under the "About us" tab.  New comments from an April law enforcement pistol class are there, along with many others. 

Don't just take our word for it, look at the many civilian and law enforcement reviews on our classes. Come out and see what we offer, we think you'll join the many satisfied Shooter School attendees that we've had the honor to train with. 

Thank you for your business. 

IALEFI conference

Spent two good days in Amarillo, TX for the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) conference with our friends from First-Light - USA. We met a lot of good people here over the past couple days, if you were at IALEFI and didn't get to see us with First Light, give us a call to discuss your training needs.  

Pistol 1 (LE/MIL) - April, 2014

The Pistol 1 (LE/MIL) course hosted on April 16 & 17th is SOLD OUT! We're looking forward to working with some of Illinois' finest. If you're a Law Enforcement officer / agency, contact us to learn how you can host a course at your agency.

New course dates announced!

April 6, 2014 - Please check our schedule for updated course offerings! We are nearly locked in for the 2014 year, get registered now before your class of choice fills up or the date just passes you by!

Course Schedule

We thank everyone for their support in 2014! We are identifying additional course dates, and should be posting additional class dates in the coming days.

Stay tuned!