Blog: July 2016

Thank You - PK Firearms

We've been remiss in mentioning an item on here, so we wanted to take a few moments to express our thanks to PK Firearms.

Since inception, Shooter School has strived to provide quality firearms training. Having worked in the law enforcement and military arenas, our instructors have learned some valuable skills over the years.It's been our mission to pass some of that knowledge on to the next generation of warriors and law abiding responsible citizens.We do not spend a ton of money advertising, the majority of our business is through word of mouth, from good, hard working people that enjoyed the training we've offered, and were kind enough to refer our business to a colleague, friend, or family member.

We've received some accolades and endorsements over the years, and we're very appreciative of those. We are humbled to be placed in some outstanding company, both as individuals and firearms trainers.That being said, we recently were supported / endorsed by PK Firearms in Shelbyville. PK Firearms is a premier, Tier 1 dealer of everything having to do with the AR platform, and a few other platforms as well.

We've known for years the quality of firearms offered and built by PK staff, I have used a custom build from PK for years on the range, and trusted my life to that same carbine when working the street. If you are in need of a carbine, accessory, or about anything else firearm related, we emphatically recommend PK Firearms. It's a great business operated by folks that still believe in integrity and patriotism.

So, we'd like to say thanks to PK Firearms. There are a lot firearm trainers in the world today, we're extremely humbled, honored, and grateful for the kind words and support of Shooter School Weapons Training.